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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Birthdays and Cosplays

Tuesday - Happy Bday Eric! derecho kme muntinlupa after work. pota ang layo, di lang malayo, trapik pa! watdapak hahaha. ok lng sulet naman sa handa ni eric eh dami pagkain at inumin.. EB na din to ng clan utot (dota clan namin sa pldt play). laughtrip amf, nakauwi ako ng 2:30am.

Friday - derecho nman trinoma after work. Ksama ko cla Kezia, Jewo, Ghett, Eric, Jomel, Jep, Lani, Yixun. PIctorial kme lolol dami naming camera..ung sakin, kay orcy, jewo, jep, ghett. Strong ung camera ni jewo at jep amf.. parang pumanget tuloy quality ng camera ko LOLOL. Dinner kme sa sizzling pepper steak then inuman sa dencios. Ui konti na orcs sa trinoma!

Sabaday - UP AME! tagal kong ndi nakanood ng cosplay weeehee! Lupet ni thronx as Gondar!! eto ung matinong pic na nakuha ko sa damuhan ng UP hahaha! FTW eh.. 1st runner up cya sa individual cosplay, nyc one!

Ayun lng muna.. eto ung pic ko nung hiniram ko ung lego head hahaha panalo.
Nanghiram din ako ng gondar head, pink mask, red wig, katana, weapons haha.




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